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30 May, 2017




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09:25 AM
09:25 AM - 09:55 AM

That Trump Moment - When traffic hits you hard and what to learn from it

Marco Kaiser - ZEIT ONLINE

In November 2016, the unexpected happened - Donald Trump was elected next president of the United States. When the news broke on early morning of November 9th, traffic to news sites all over the world exploded. It hit ZEIT ONLINE at an as before unseen rate and brought the site down. Hear about what happened, why it happened, and what Marco and his team learned from it - and what they did and do to prevent this from happening again.

#scaling   #smallteam

10:50 AM
10:50 AM - 11:30 AM

Create Analytics – Media meets Data

Annina Neumann - Head of Data Sciences at ProSiebenSat.1

In the media industry, we can find a surprisingly large range of data analytics puzzles. Whether the challenge is content mining with audio/video recognition, data-driven Adressable TV or algorithmically optimizing TV schedules – there is a lot to discover for data engineers, data scientists and developers alike. But how do these analytical and technical solutions bring benefit to such historically creative area as TV, entertainment or online dating? Can the success of a video really be captured by machine learning? Can the emotion it elicits be predicted by a mathematical formula? In this talk I will give an overview of data driven development projects focusing on analyzing and utilizing video content. I will tap into machine learning methods applied, developmental approaches and lessons learned.

#analytics   #media   #data

11:40 AM
11:40 AM - 12:20 AM

An Inside Look at Facebook: Small Teams Building Large Infrastructure

Ostap Korkuna - Facebook Facebook is more than just a web site, it's a complex dynamic application used by more than 1.8 billion people worldwide. It takes scalable and reliable infrastructure to allow Facebook to run smoothly on thousands of servers. This talk will share an insider's view at the challenges and solutions used by Infrastructure teams at Facebook in order to build and maintain core systems and services powering the site.

#massiveScale   #infrastructure   #smallteam

01:20 PM
01:20 PM - 02:00 PM

How GitHub uses GitHub to build and deploy GitHub

Arthur Schreiber, Application Engineer @ GitHub
Lilli Seyther-Besecke, Account Manager @ GitHub

This talk shares an inside view of how the globally distributed teams at GitHub use the platform to develop GitHub. It demonstrates the cross-team collaboration of engineering, sales, marketing, services as well as legal by highlighting the success criteria that enable GitHub to deploy more than 500 times a week.

#continuousDeployement   #crossteam   #inception

02:10 PM
02:10 PM - 02:50 PM

Intro to Kubernetes - rethink scalable infrastructure with containers

Max Leonard Inden - Engineer @ CoreOS

Distributing and deploying software inside (Docker-) containers for security, isolation and ease of use is the new big thing. But once you got all your services nicely wrapped - who takes care of all these containers? Kubernetes, originating from Google, helps you manage containerized applications, as the operating system of your datacenter, treating hundreds of machines as a single resource pool. This talk introduces the core concepts of Kubernetes, its benefits and its huge ecosystem and gives you an idea of how Google controls parts of their gigantic infrastructure.

#kubernetes   #containers   #infrastructure

03:00 PM
03:00 PM - 03:40 PM

Timelion: time series processing and visualization in Kibana

Sylvain Wallez - Elastic

Kibana is the well known analytics and dashboarding tool in the Elastic Stack. A lesser known part of it is Timelion, dedicated to time series analysis and visualization. It allows to not only display time series, but also process and combine them with a dedicated expression language. After a quick overview of the recent additions to Kibana, we will explore the various features of Timelion and its powerful language. We'll discover how having dedicated features for the time dimension and using the new pipeline aggregations in Elasticsearch brings a lot of additional insight compared to more traditional visualizations.

#ELK   #timeSeries   #visualization

04:10 PM
04:10 PM - 04:50 PM

Turn the Ship Around: adventures of one Data Team

Sergii Khomenko - Stylight

Data is the new bacon or Data is the new soil. Yet, it’s still hard to get data processing right without spending too many resources, yet keeping it flexible enough. From another side, by centralizing data expertise in one place, so called BI it’s easy to hit a bottleneck. In this talk, we will walk you through our transformation from centralized BI team to decentralized product-based Data Platform while discussing technical decisions and reasons behind them. From monolithic to completely serverless and back to a balanced hybrid architecture. The talk gives insights into our experience with many AWS services, that from the first look might look helpful, but still have the price to pay.

#data   #serverless   #AWS   #BI

05:00 PM
05:00 PM - 05:40 AM

Picasso's terminal; machine learning for art and creativity

Gene Kogan

Over the past several years, two trends in machine learning have converged to pique the curiosity of artists working with code: the proliferation of powerful open source deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow and Torch, and the emergence of data-intensive generative models for hallucinating images, sounds, and text as though they came from the oeuvre of Shakespeare, Picasso, or a gigantic database of digitized cats. This talk will review these developments and offer a set of interdisciplinary tools and learning resources for artists and data scientists alike, as well as present a series of live interactive demos enabling artists and musicians to use machine learning in real-time.

#A.I   #art   #deepLearning   #MachineLearning

09:25 AM
09:25 AM - 09:50 AM

Status Quo of the Tech Ecosystem in Europe

Talk by Balthazar de Lavergne - TheFamily

In this session Balthazar de Lavergne, Director at TheFamily will talk about how it's possible to shake things up when it comes to the tech ecosystem. He will present TheFamily, and their approach to building a healthy and vivid community
10:50 AM
10:50 AM - 11:30 AM

How do I ally?

Talk by Aimee Lucido - UBER

We all know that diversity in the world of technology is a problem, but we don't often talk about the solutions. In this session we will talk about the little things we can all do in our daily lives in order to make everyone feel included. We will demystify some terminology and come out the other side as more collaborative and active allies.
11:35 AM
11:35 AM - 12:20 PM

Mobility Panel

This panel will explore the future of mobility. VENIAM is building the Internet of Moving things, Flixbus turned a bus company is a high-tech company, Martin Frolich from Deutsche Bahn will talk about modernization of the Rail industry
On this panel, we'll have:

#mobility #ai #connectedCars

01:20 PM
01:20 PM - 02:20 PM

Robotics Panel

We are at a stage where a new level of automation is entering the scene. Collaborative robots play an integral part in that. Franka is building a leading leightweight robot that allows for safe human-robot interactions, intuitive usability and collective learning. Micropsi Industries is at the forefront of bringing state-of-the-art deep reinforcement learning to work with industrial control systems thus bringing robotic automation to a next level. Magazino is building mobile robots to automate tasks in warehouses and intra-logistics in general. Robo Wunderkind wants to change the way children learn early on about technology, and coding with robotics in specific.
On this panel, we'll have:
02:30 PM
02:30 PM - 03:30 PM


We are now past the first hiccups of bitcoin and Ethereum, headed to a decentralized revolution of many industries thanks to the blockchain. On this panel we'll have GridSingularity and Freeelio talking about how blockchain is changing energy management and has incredible potential to give access to energy for those who don't. Zoe from Neufund will present how she bridges Venture Capital and blockchain, and BigchainDB how they are filling the gaps in the current blockchain infrastructure.
On this panel:

#ethereum #blockchain #decentralization

04:10 PM
04:10 PM - 04:50 PM


New technological ventures often require visionary backers. On this panel we bring together experienced VCs with Deep Tech investors and new key players in the tech venturing space. We will explore the history, present, and future of venturing and investing in deep tech industries.
On this panel:

#DeepTech #VC #VentureCapital #Investment #hypothesis

05:00 PM
05:00 PM - 05:45 PM

IoT Panel

We are at an age where the internet diffuses and connects the physical world to form the internet of things. For that Crate.io is building a part of the core infrastructure in form of SQL database that allows handling massive amounts of machine data in real-time, Kinexon builds a platform for applications that require real-time and precise positioning of physical goods, Konux offers an end-to-end inudstrial IoT platform for the digitalisation of the railway infrastructure and Navvis digitizes indoor environments and offers a platform to develop digital solutions on top.
On this panel:

#InternetOfThings   #IoT   #Sensors   #IIOT   #mapping

05:50 PM
05:50 PM - 06:30 PM


Kevin Adler - Miracle Messages

The question is not what you build, but why you build it, and for whom. Or even better: why are you here? In his inspiring and deeply personal keynote talk, social entrepreneur and sociologist Kevin F. Adler shares some of the questions that have changed his life, shaping his journey from a small town to the University of Cambridge to Silicon Valley, and from EdTech to Miracle Messages, the world-renown nonprofit he founded in December 2014 to end homelessness by rebuilding social support systems, with smart phones, social media, and volunteers.

#tech4good   #connecting   #people   #keynote

09:25 AM
09:25 AM - 09:55 AM

Designing the Future — How 3D Printing is transforming manufacturing

Lin Kayser - Hyperganic

How would we design things if complexity came for free? Additive manufacturing technologies are changing how we think about the design, construction, and production of almost all the objects around us. Lin will share his personal story how he got involved with 3D printing half a decade ago, what he thinks the future has in store for us, now that the technologies are increasingly being used in the production of end-use parts, and how his company, Hyperganic, is helping drive this change.

#3D-Printing #AdditiveManifacturing #design #construction

10:50 PM
10:50 PM - 11:30 AM

Respond to the demand to access Space in a disruptive and sustainable way.

Guillaume Girard - Zero 2 Infinity

The upsurge in the performance of small-satellites has set the conditions for a disruption in the Space industry. With better performance and lower costs, small-satellites will open Space to a wider range of institutions, empowering them to provide better solutions for our knowledge-based societies and Internet of Things. OneWeb, Boeing, SpaceX, Samsung, etc. are all coming up with mega satellite constellations for global-web access, with more than 10,000 small-satellites together. For this to occur, the fundamental tool that will allow small-satellites to be deployed in Space doesn’t exist yet and the market thus craves for a dedicated small-satellite launcher. With the launcher Bloostar, we are simplifying access to Space to serve it an efficient, affordable and sustainable way. By means of a hybrid Balloon-Rocket solution (a “Rockoon”), Bloostar uses a stratospheric balloon as the initial ascent stage followed by three rocket stages to reach orbit. The balloon stage, released from open seas on board a standard ship, eliminates the need for a launch facility and delivers the rocket stage to a near-space environment which enables significant advantages. Bloostar elevates above the atmosphere to start its rockets in a quasi-vacuum environment. It becomes an elegant and efficient solution to response in an affordable way the emergence of the new Space Internet, Observation, Security, and Science.

#Space #Balloon #satellite #construction

11:40 AM
11:40 AM - 12:20 AM

Towards the robotic assistant for everyone

Simon Haddadin - Franka Emika

Approaching Asimov's 1st law "A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm." has been the underlying paradigm for ground breaking technologies that enable robots to work among humans. A short trip through the methods in safe physical human-robot interaction, intuitive usability and collective learning that will democratize automation technologies.

#Robots #Asimov1stLaw #automation #SafeRobot

01:20 AM
01:20 AM - 02:00 PM

What is A.I.?

Hesam Rabeti - Machine Perception @ TUM CVPR

In his talk “What is AI?”, Hesam will shed light on the broad field of Artificial Intelligence. He will give a simple explanation of some of the underlying concepts and methods used to solve particular problems in AI. He will then dive deeper into the specific field of 3D reconstruction. At the end, he will demo the real-time 3D reconstruction capabilities of the Google Tango enabled Lenovo Phab 2 Pro.

#3D-Reconstruction #ProjectTango #A.I

02:10 PM
02:10 PM - 02:50 PM

Designing and building the future of transportation

Mariana Avezum - WARR Hyperloop

Hyperloop is a high-speed transportation concept proposed by Elon Musk in 2013. It envisions transportation capsules levitating inside a low-pressure tube close to the speed of sound. By drastically reducing aerodynamic drag in the aforementioned evacuated tube and reducing surface friction by i.e. magnetic levitation or air-bearings, the concept becomes technically feasible. To foster interest and innovation, SpaceX has organized an international student competition to test sub-scale versions of Hyperloop vehicles on a one mile purpouse-build tube in Hawthorne, California. The "WARR Hyperloop" student team from the TU Munich successfully demonstrated their prototype in the competition with over 700 entries and 30 finalists, and secured the grand prize for the "fastest pod" in the end. The design and build process will be reviewed in hindsight of the unique challenges posed by the Hyperloop concept and the competition constrains, before eventually taking a look back at the competition week, the final run and concluding why "wheels are pretty good”.

#Hyperloop #pod #ElonMusk #Transportation

03:00 PM
03:00 PM - 03:40 PM

Rethinking Tech Education

Thomas Bachem - CODE.Berlin

Title: Rethinking Tech Education Abstract: Higher education needs an update. Most universities are stuck with traditional lecture-based, linear and grade-oriented ways of learning, despite the fact that educational concepts like challenge-based, competency-based and project-based learning, flipped classroom, mastery learning and P2P learning are proven to be better ways to learn for human brains. We want to show how these can be implemented to create a superior learning experience for everyone. That’s why we’re currently building CODE, a private state-recognized University of Applied Sciences in Berlin that will be unlike any other university.

#TechEd #Code #education #disruption

04:10 PM
04:10 PM - 04:50 PM

Social impact of autonomous intelligent machines and possible scenarios for the future of society

Florian Emanuel Deisler - Global Shapers Intelligent automation and digitalization are changing whole industries at a never seen pace. This has vast implications for society and public interest. Furthermore, this has implications for the labour market that are already starting to show. Many Jobs will become obsolete and the workforce of tomorrow will face different skill requirements than today. The Global Shapers Munich under the patronage of the world economic forum are building a coding school for kids from a weaker socioeconomic background with difficult access to tech and tech education to prepare them for the labour market of tomorrow. However, the question what our society should look like in the digital age remains unanswered. It’s a question we need to ask to enable everybody to be part of society and maintain civil order.

#TechSociety #impact #autonomousMachines #disruption

05:00 PM
05:00 PM - 05:40 PM

Building the Utility of the Future

Christoph Ostermann - sonnen batterie

Christoph is co-founder and CEO of sonnen, the global market leader for residential energy storage systems and pioneer in the field of innovative power offers. Driven by the vision to provide clean and affordable energy for everyone, sonnen aims to make end customers 100% independent from centralized power supply and traditional utilities. In this talk, Christoph will provide the audience with an overview of sonnen’s history and current products, and give an outlook on how sonnen plans to further disrupt the energy market over the coming years.

#Batterie #Storage #Grid #blockchain

10:50 AM
10:50 AM - 12:20 PM

Ain’t nobody got time for that
Successful PR for developers, tech startups and introverts

Sebastian Rumberg - BallouPR
Laura Welter - BallouPR

This workshop is made to teach developers, single entrepreneurs, small startups and gifted introverts to create as much attention as possible for their causes, projects and products. Sebastian will give away everything that indie developers and entrepreneurs to get people interested in their projects: PR and marketing strategies, pitch and email templates, tools and resources that he used to make small startups famous and drive traffic for any project. He will share insights and anecdotes from his work with companies like 6Wunderkinder (sold to Microsoft), Stack Overflow and his most successful campaigns for unknown startups. His goal is to enable everyone in the room to use his tactics, resources and templates to make an impact on their own – no matter the market, product or character.

#PR #Tech #Press #Journalist #introvert #hackyourway

01:20 PM
01:20 PM - 02:50 AM

Innovation is people business - is your team ready to disrupt?

We have long understood that to build brilliant products we need to start from the user. If we find a concrete user need and can provide a good solution for it - commercial success will follow. The same is true for innovation. Disruptive innovations begin with a team that has trust, focus and the ability to move fast. To create teams like that you have to start with the people. The questions are the same - what do the users of the organisation (= the teams) need to be successful? Do we have a good solution for it? If we create that environment commercial success can follow. Let's start with finding and solving one issue that is keeping your team from disrupting the world with #robotics, #mobility or #A.I.
04:10 PM
04:10 PM - 05:40 PM

Female Tech Leaders@DAHO.AM: Women in Technology Leadership Workshop for Career Advancement

Natalia Karbasova - Burda Bootcamp In this workshop you will be learning about the personal career advancement tips and tricks that leader of Burda Bootcamp Natalia Karbasova will be sharing with you! Afterwards you will apply the knowledge you’ve learned hands on by going on a speed-interviewing challenge with some of the most cutting edge tech companies in Europe!

#WomenInTech #Diversity #empowerment #career

10:50 AM
10:50 AM - 12:20 PM

Solving captchas with deep learning

Karim Jedda - ProSiebenSat.1

The web is a huge place made of humans and machines. It's a fragile place because it's hard for a machine, or a human, to make the distinction between a machine and a human. One solution to this is captchas, squiggly images that are theoretically only solvable by humans. Until now.

#MachineLearning #DeepLearning #captcha #BeatTheMachine

Some of our speakers …

Zoe Adamovicz

Co-founder/CEO @ Neufund

Vlad Lata


Thomas Bachem

Founder @CODE

Sylvain Wallez

Cloud Engineer @ Elastic.co

Sohaila Ouffata

Director @ BMW iVentures Europ

Simon Haddadin

Co-founder @ Franka Emika

Shadi Mahassel

VP Product at Veniam

Sergii Khomenko

Lead Data Scientist @Stylight

Sebnem Rusitschka

Founder @ freeelio

Sebastian Rumberg

Account Director @ BallouPR

Ronnie Vuine

CEO @ Micropsi Industries

Patricia DeBoer

VP Bizdev @Artisense

Ostap Korkuna

🤖 Software Engineer @ Facebook

Oliver Trinchera

Co-founder @KINEXON

Nikolas Engelhard

Computer Vision @ Magazino

Natalia Karbasova

Head of Burda Bootcamp

Moritz Poewe

Partner @ Paua Ventures

Max Leonard Inden

Engineer at CoreOS

Matthias Jablonowski

Global Practice Lead – Road @ Nokia

Martin Fröhlich

Venture Architect @Deutsche Bahn

Mariana Avezum

WARR Hyperloop

Marco Kaiser


Lin Kayser

Founder at Hyperganic

Lilli Seyther-Besecke

Account Manager @ GitHub

Laura Welter

PR Consultant @ Ballou PR

Laura Dietze

Change Agent @ ThoughtWorks

Kurt Mueller

Partner @ Target Partners

Kevin Adler

Social Entrepreneur

Ken Forster

MD @ Momenta Partners

Hesam Rabeti

Machine Perception @ TUM CVPR

Herbert Mangesius

Investor at Vito Ventures

Guillaume Girard

Partner @ Zero2Infinity

Georg Schroth

Co-founder @ Navvis

Gene Kogan

🤖 A.I Programmer and Artist

Erwin Smole

Co-Founder at GridSingularity

Dr. Dimitri De Jonghe

Application Director at BigchainDB

Dr. Alexander Stage

VP Data @ FlixBus

Daria Saharova

Partner at Vito One

Daniele Genovesi

Investor @ 360 Capital Partners

Christoph Ostermann

CEO at Sonnen

Bernd Dorn

Chief Scientist @Crate.io

Balthazar de Lavergne

Partner @TheFamily

Arthur Schreiber

Application Engineer @ GitHub

Annina Neumann

Head Data Science @ P7S1

Anna Iarotska

Co-founder @ Robo Wunderkind

Ange Royall-Kahin

Chief of Staff @ WATTx

Aimee Lucido

Software engineer @ UBER

Deep Tech Startups @ Daho.am …

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