Vlad Lata


Vlad Lata is CTO and Co-Founder of KONUX. The Munich-based IIoT company integrates

smart sensor systems and AI-based analytics to deliver asset insights in real time and enable

its customers to switch to predictive maintenance. The end-to-end solution uses artificial

intelligence to help clients continuously monitor their infrastructure, identify maintenance

needs ahead of time and improve operational efficiency. Central areas of application include

the railway industry, as well as industrial solutions such as industrial automation, industrial

pumps, machine tools or rollers.

KONUX has been recently awarded the German Mobility Price as well as the German Digital

Price “Spark Award” for its predictive analytics solution. The startup and its founders also

made it into the “AI 100” list by CBInsights and the “Forbes 30 under 30”.

As Chief Technology Officer, Vlad Lata is in charge of the product development at KONUX

and oversees the engineering and product management teams. Together, they work on

bringing AI and Big Data Analytics in a new and comprehensible way to the railway industry.

Vlad Lata studied Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at Technical University

Munich (TUM), and Entrepreneurship at University of California, Berkeley. Before co-founding

KONUX in March 2014, together with Andreas Kunze and Dennis Humhal, he held various

positions at BMW, Audi and ARRI.

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