Sebnem Rusitschka

Founder @ freeelio

As a computer scientist since 2006, Sebnem has worked in various technology fields of Distributed Computing, Autonomous Control Systems, and Big Data Analytics for Siemens mainly in the application domain of Energy Management. Yes, she holds the record in riding hype cycles – analyzing and prototyping trends for industrial viability. 2016 for her marks the year in which many of these emerging technologies started climbing the productivity hill.

Hence, Sebnem founded freeelio, a startup committed to bring fair and free electricity to the masses and to the 1.2 billion people currently without electricity – with the help of a decentralized distributed intelligence.

freeelio’s mission is to provide electricity as clean, accessible, and free as air. We develop a decentralized digital intelligence that learns to make electricity usage more productive. We empower the end user.
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