Sebastian Rumberg

Account Director @ BallouPR

As a growth & storytelling guy I make people and companies famous. I work with founders, tech startups, politicians and with the fine people at Ballou PR.
My work brought millions of users to app developers and created millions in revenue. My stories have been featured in all major publications and news agencies in Europe and the US, some of them spread around the globe reaching hundreds of millions of people.

I experiment a lot with new ways to drive large amounts of traffic to the people and companies I work with. In my spare time I work on ways to bring the same force of public attention to good causes and people.


Launched an App that reached over 500 Million people in two weeks and reached 400k+ downloads in eight weeks — without a Dollar spent on Marketing. (LokLok)

Built and lead national and international PR and Marketing teams for tech companies (Blinkist, HitFox Group, Finleap & others)

Built and executed countless national and international Brand & PR strategies and campaigns for tech companies and startups (Most clients)

Brought the content of a SaaS startup to over 500k people and drove a few thousand app installs with 10 minutes of work. (Blinkist)

Works with a growing collection of 600+ PR, Growth and Marketing studies and examples for his work.

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