Lin Kayser

Founder at Hyperganic

Lin Kayser is a German serial entrepreneur based in Munich. As founder and CEO of Hyperganic Technologies AG, a software startup, he is reimagining how we build things in a world of 3D printing and synthetic biology. Lin’s research and investment company, COGLOBO GmbH, focuses on disruptive technologies in the field of robotics and new manufacturing methods. Through a non-profit foundation he established in 2011, the Kayser Forum for Sustainability, he raises awareness for environmental issues. Lin began his career in 1994 at ARADEX, a German startup in the industrial automation space. With his first company, IRIDAS, for a decade, he helped drive the digital transformation of the film industry in Hollywood. IRIDAS was acquired by Adobe in 2011. Lin lives in Munich with his wife Petra and five children. As a kid, he always wanted to live in a future with space stations, jet packs and underwater cities. As an adult he is trying to do his part to create a future, that is not only inspiring, but also built on sustainable principles.

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