Dr. Alexander Stage

VP Data @ FlixBus

Alexander is a classically trained computer scientist with a pure, unadulterated passion for algorithms, statistics, engineering of software systems and is more than enthusiastic about artificial intelligence and machine learning. If you let him, he will get lost in elegant algorithm design and automated decision making. In this respect, he is much more like a child pursuing his dreams rather than a down to earth, value driven engineer.

However, as a leader of cross functional development teams, made up of engineers and data scientists, he drives product development by exercising lean development methods in order to deliver measurable business value. He has grown up and knows, that rigorous research and fine engineering are nice value propositions, but it requires strong execution to be successful in the field of advanced data analytics and system engineering.

Currently, Alexander is serving a Vice President at FlixBus, where he is in charge of bringing data driven decision making and automation to the company’s heart and soul in order to support and even accelerate the impressive business growth and to help FlixBus to become an outstanding tech brand. Before joining FlixBus in August 2016, Alexander was leading engineering and data science teams at CHECK24 and helped DriveNow in its early stages to establish the business model in Germany and the USA.

Before pursuing a career in ecommerce and the transportation industry, Alexander was working as a full-time research assistant at the computer science department of TU München. His research work mainly focused on autonomic control mechanisms for virtualized data center operations, which earned him a PhD. Even before studying computer science at TU München, Alexander started to work as a professional software engineer in 1999.

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